aside How To Spend 21 Days On A Beautiful Island Of Caye Caulker In Belize For Free

People consider traveling an expensive hobby but they are wrong. Even some of my friends still forget that I spend hardly any money traveling and think they couldn’t afford such a lifestyle. When you live out of a backpack your expenses cut down to a minimum. However it’s all up to you and your skills of managing your money. Here is how to spend 21 days on a beautiful island of Caye Caulker in Belize for free.

Caye Caulker

There are number of websites on which local organisations advertise volunteering positions for backpackers available all year round. These include helping at hostels, restaurants, building, renovating, cleaning, teaching and many more. In exchange for your work you normally get at least a free bed and that’s a big cost-cutter right there. During my stay in Caye Caulker I volunteered at a cat sanctuary and I absolutely loved it. They are always in need for more volunteers so if you also are an animal lover then check out and search for the host reference number 473164556322.

Cat Sanctuary Caye Caulker

Now that the accommodation has been ticked off, let’s talk about another important human need which is food. For those of you who have been on an island before know that as soon as you leave the mainland you no longer have much choice when it comes to shopping. All products sold on islands are always more expensive and harder to come by. If you’re going to an island remember to do your shopping beforehand to save money. If you’re planning on staying around for a few weeks then try to find a local who goes back regularly and could bring you some supplies back.

Forget about eating in restaurants. Restaurants are for tourists whose weekly budgets are higher than your monthly (cheer up – they only get a week or two of holiday per year while your life is a never-ending holiday). To save a big chunk of money you will want to master cooking local ingredients and make it become your daily routine instead of going out to eat. It’s fun to learn the local dishes and then bringing your cooking skills back home. So…a big yes to cooking!

Shopping first

Volunteering normally only requires a few hours of your time per day so another way of not only saving money but also making money is getting an extra job. It is worth asking around at local restaurants (yes – the restaurants you don’t eat at) if they can offer you a couple of hours a night of paid work. Mine was to promote a restaurant and bring new customers in which I thought would be difficult but I ended up having a lot of fun talking to the passersby and encouraging them to come in and try the delicious food we offered. I managed to earn enough money to cover my food expenses therefore my stay on Caye Caulker did not cost me a penny. What’s more, I had the best time of my life!



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