aside Charming El Salvador – A Little Gem Of Central America You Should Explore

El Salvador is a small country in Central America located on the Pacific coast bordering with Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It’s slowly becoming more and more popular with the backpackers but still hardly heard of by other groups of travellers. It is worth considering visiting El Salvador for a few reasons – it is beautiful, most of its parts are untouched by tourists and it’s very affordable. It might get slightly more tricky when it comes to getting there, but once you do, you will have an amazing time.

El Salvador

El Salvador has a very friendly feel about it, people are lovely, food is super delicious (that will always score lots of points), it has beautiful landscapes and spots throughout the country and everything is very affordable. The country is really small which can be an advantage as you spend less time on getting to places and you can actually focus on exploring the country, culture and enjoying it to the fullest.

La Palma El Salvador

La Palma wall paintings El Salvador

La Palma Sunset El Salvador

It is possible to cross the whole country north to south in as little as a few hours so you can be in La Palma in the morning admiring the town’s colourful wall paintings while feeling the morning breeze and chill, then have a lunch in the roasting hot capital – San Salvador – strolling through the city’s markets, maybe buy a bikini/shorts so you can go to El Tunco beach in the afternoon for a swim in the  Pacific Ocean, beer and Pupusas – El Salvadorian traditional dish. And all that in just 1 day! Isn’t that a little loco 🙂





El Tunco beach

El Salvador has a lot to offer. You can choose to explore blooming coffee plantations, go hiking up one of many volcanoes, zip-lining in a rain forest, wander around the beautiful city of Santa Ana and catch a local bus to even more beautiful Coatepeque Lake (which was created by the volcano’s eruption around five to six thousand years ago). There’s something for everyone in charming El Salvador.

Santa Ana El Salvador

Coatepeque Lake


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  1. Aldona and Bryn,
    So glad to see you made it to Central America. Beautiful pictures!
    Stay safe and enjoy and remember, you’re always welcome in Station 11.
    Your friends at Station 11, Engine 11, Baltimore County Fire Department.

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