aside Overcoming Your Fear Of Social Nudity At The Nudist Beach Of Zipolite In Mexico

Just the thought of stripping down in public makes the majority of us blush. Our nudity makes us anxious, we worry about others being able to see our imperfections and we feel embarrassed seeing others nude. It’s totally normal and fine to feel that way. However once you overcome your panic of social nudity you will realise how petty it was and it will be another amazing thing you’ve experienced in your life!

Nudist Beach Zipolite

Zipolite is a small coastal town in the south of Oaxaca state in Mexico. The shores of Zipolite are never crowded which helps you boost your confidence while wearing no clothes making it the perfect place for nude newbies. Zipolite is a charming town with beautiful white-sand-crystal-clear-water beaches and a pleasant vibe where all the locals know one another and are very welcoming towards backpackers and all tourists (also those with their clothes on ha ha)

It’s without doubt one of my favourite spots in Mexico.

Zipolite Beach

I was actually a little nervous when I first rocked up at the beach. I decided to take my time and just wait till I was ready but before I knew it, everyone else had already gone in the ocean, I panicked trying to get rid of my bikini as quick as possible (literally took me less than a second) as I was frightened to be left alone having to walk by myself – naked! There were hardly any people on the beach so not sure what I was scared of. Anyway, I soon forgot all about it and was super proud of my new accomplishment.

That’s when I realised how petty my fear was.

Nudist beach in Mexico

I would recommend as your first-time nudist-beach experience going with a good friend or your partner. Try to make it fun and just laugh about it (while secretly peeking at naked strangers) because at the end of the day everyone else around is in the same crazy boat. You will be surprised how soon you get used to it and  start enjoying the feeling of full freedom.

If you like swimming then you will absolutely love swimming naked. It is hard to describe how awesome it feels not to have your bikini (which can really be a pain in the *** sometimes) on and not having to worry if it’s actually still on or not. You will want to swim forever. Swimming nude is divine ❤

Dare to go bare. It will help you accept the real you with no clothes or make-up, as well as accept the bodies of other people and realise that we really are all the same. You will come to conclusion that a little bit of extra fat here or there, stretch marks or any flaws that you may think you have don’t really matter. Everyone has them and these are just small details that we should ignore and not waste our time worrying about.

Instead, let’s get naked and go for a swim in the Pacific!

Swimming in the Pacific


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