‘My Life Is Your Vacation..’ – How To Make Your Holiday Last Forever

Everything is possible

So it’s always been your dream to travel, discover the foreign lands and have friends on each continent, and you have finally made the decision to follow your dreams and become a globetrotter. However, you worry your money won’t last long and you’ll have to end your journey. It’s not going to happen if you follow some basic tips on how to manage your money while traveling and make your trip last however long you want it to.

Stop and think. When you set off for your first backpacking trip you might be slightly overwhelmed with literally everything: people, yummy food, picturesque landscapes, beautiful architecture, sunny weather, rainy weather, animals and so on. Everything is seems so new and so different to what you know. That feeling of excitement can trick you into buying unnecessary things(commonly known as rubbish). Make sure you think twice before buying anything, do you really need it or is it going to end up at the bottom of a drawer and forgotten…?

Stop and think

DYI. There are plenty of organised excursions and tours all around which you will want to join. Most of the them, though, will cost you an arm and a leg totally missing the point you traveling on a budget. If you’ve made the first step deciding to go backpacking and explore the world this already means you are capable of taking care of yourself. Then why would you need someone else to organise a tour for you? The places they take you to are normally just popular spots to which you can get by yourself and have however time you want to explore it. A big no to pricey tours.

I always do my research to see if I can go on the tour by myself, which is normally more challenging and therefore more interesting. If that’s not an option, I negotiate. If this doesn’t work I evaluate whether the tour really matters that much to me and I’ll pay only if it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Think of all the long months you spent working hard and saving even harder to be able to travel. Every penny you saved is the result of your hard work and spending your money wisely will let you travel for longer and see more of the world..

Explore more

Couchsurf. I’ve talked about Couchsurfing before and I’ll most likely mention it again:-) It’s a traveling and social networking community and through its website you can find local people who will host you at their homes (for free). Depending how busy  they are, they might show you around as well. It’s having someone who can introduce you to their culture, traditions and teach you something. And you are someone who can teach them about your country and culture. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Eat like a local. When you couchsurf there’s a big chance you will be able to use your host’s kitchen. Pop to a local market do your shopping and cook it at home. That’s a big saver right there! Why don’t you try cooking a local dish, it’s always fun! If you want to eat out, best places are the small family-run local restaurants. It’s easy to find them – they’re packed with locals and zero tourists.

Eat like a local

Hitchhike. To save on transport simply stick your thumb up and get a free ride. It’s also a good way of meeting people and practising your foreign language skills. For obvious safety reasons best to do it is in the mornings. Read about basic rules of solo female hitchhike.


 If you follow those tips to begin with your pocket shouldn’t suffer too much of a damage, then once you find your feet you’ll come up with your own effective ways of saving money while traveling. Good luck ♥



    • Thank you for your comment, I totally agree and I am so glad I found out about CS it just adds so much fun to your travels☺ hopefully meet you somewhere on the road!

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