7 Fascinating (Weird) Things About Britain And British People I Learnt While Living In England

My journey with the UK started back in 2005 (OMG I just realised how long ago that was!) when even though I liked to think I was good at English, my first encounter with the native speakers of England (Northampton!) was disastrous and disappointing. All I could hear was mumbling and wondered how could people have no manners like that speaking with a full mouth?

The journey has been long but very educative. Not only have I got used to mumbling:) but also had a chance or two to get to know the lovely people that the Brits are, their customs, and what distinguishes this old old old old country.

Here we go!

1. It’s always cold and it always rains. Or does it?

Time to break the myth! It does not always rain and it is not always cold. There are occasional sunny dry afternoons and a week or two a year of severe heat (27 degrees) that goes through Britain. This year the heat came from Africa (just quoting the news) Verdict..yep it’s always cold here.

English Customs

2. British people don’t mind (like) it.

Yes, I’m still talking about the cold. It took me absolute ages to comprehend this fact and I finally came to terms with the Brits liking the cold weather. I know, they are crazy.

3. British Plugs.

Whaaat? I mean couldn’t a plug possibly be bigger, heavier and even more bulky? Two of them plus an adapter and your hand luggage exceeds weight limit.

Plugs in the UK

4. British people REALLY love tea.

Milky tea. A lot of milk in a tea, a little bit of milk in a tea, just a splash of milk in a tea, PG Tips, Tetley, Twinings Earl Grey, tea, tea, tea everywhere. They love tea so much that they even named dinner ‘tea’.

British person: ‘What’s for tea?’

Non-British person: ‘Huh??’

British milky tea

5. British people don’t rinse the dishes after washing.

The Brits wash dishes and put them on a dryer, letting the soapy water run off instead of rinsing (like the rest of the world). I thought this was a strange thing not to do until I came across an explanation!! on theguardian. com:

‘The trick is to keep the water clean, by pre-rinsing and -scraping and then by washing the cleanest things first (after the glassware of course). Soapy water will run off without leaving marks, whereas you will get watermarks if you rinse. Washing under a continuous stream of water makes it harder to apply detergent and is probably wasteful of both it and hot water, but the real reason we British don’t do it that way is that traditionally we have not had mixer taps.’ A-ha!

6. Water taps.

Another Whaaat? Whoever invented this wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box I’m telling you.

British taps

7. British people are sarcastic.

I was told about this the very first time I was in England by an English man. He said: ‘If you understand sarcasm, then you understand English.’ I stuck to this throughout my journey and I think it might be just what I like most about the British people! Their sarcasm:-)

What would you add to the list? 


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