aside A Weekend On A Spanish Island Of Mallorca – What To See And Do In East Mallorca

I’ve been told that I am very ‘lucky’ in life. Because I get to travel and see the world, meet lots of people, taste all the different dishes, and don’t have to be stuck in a 9-5 cubicle job. Well, I don’t completely agree it’s luck..

Seeing the world is indeed truly amazing, I totally adore it and even while traveling, I constantly research new places to go traveling (if that makes sense) and when I see others sharing pictures from their holidays I get jealous (ha this one does make me sound a little crazy). The point is, it wasn’t Mr. Traveling knocking on my door choosing me to be ‘the one’. It was me who chose traveling to be my lifestyle and this lifestyle like any other has its pros and cons (I’ll talk about this another time).

Cala Ratjada Harbour

Mallorca.. Okay I do get lucky – sometimes! A few months ago I found out I had a distant cousin, who had also studied Chinese (er..whaat?) and lives in Mallorca. It’s not everyday you find out that you have a fifth cousin who has same passion as you do!  You can call this luck, or fate. Anyway, it gets better. Tina invited me to visit her so being adventurous me, I didn’t have to think twice. She’s really lovely and I allow myself to think that we got on well and it wasn’t just me feeling that way! Will never know, though, will I!

Mallorca Island Spain

Mallorca is a beautiful place, and even though I only spent three days there, it was enough to see a few places (in the east of the island) which I’m now sharing with you guys!

Cala Ratjada Mallorca

Cala Ratjada Map

Cala Ratjada is a small port town in the northeast of Mallorca. 

What I liked the most about Cala Ratjada is its long promenade and the harbour both being situated around the heart of town. The promenade stretches for miles and makes a perfect evening walk (too hot during the day if it’s summer) and nice pictures. There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants all relatively busy with tourists, but not over-crowded.

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada Mallorca

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada is the closest point in Mallorca to Menorca island. There’s a lighthouse on the top of a hill called Punta de Capdepera to which you can walk and on a clear day you’ll be able to see Menorca in the distance (and you can catch a boat there which takes an hour). A perfect place to look over at Cala Ratjada and the peaceful Balearic sea.

Cala Ratjada Lighthouse

Cala Ratjada Mallorca Lighthouse

Every Saturday there is a traditional Mallorcan street market held on Placa del Pins. Plenty of local fruits and vegetables as well as crafts and clothing all looking very colourful and enticing. A good way of spending your Saturday morning. Don’t forget you can haggle:)

Cala Ratjada Market Cala Ratjada Mallorca Market Cala Ratjada Saturday Market

Arta Mallorca

Arta Mallorca Map

This cute little town located 10 km west from Cala Ratjada was built in a valley at the foot of a mountain so most of its parts are on an angle. This, of course, only adds more charm and uniqueness to it and so do the wooden Mediterranean window shutters on all of the houses. Wandering through the narrow streets of Arta on a Sunday feels like you’re the only one in town.

Arta Mallorca

Arta Mallorca Spain

A must-see in Arta is a hilltop Monastery of Sant Salvador overlooking the entire town, or rather the rooftops of thousands of houses. Nice walk, and even nicer views, all worth a trip ❤

Arta Sant Salvador

Arta Mallorca Church

Arta Mallorca Sant Salvador

This short trip has planted a desire to return and explore more parts of beautiful Mallorca, so…to be continued:-)


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