aside A Hint Of Western Australia

Being in Australia is hard not to notice its beautiful unusual flora and fauna. Its only been two weeks since winter officially ended (it feels strange it’s September and it’s getting warmer and warmer, can’t wait for summer in December and January!:-) and I’ve only just been around Perth – I’m looking forward to see what other gems are hiding further in the bush land.

Bottle Brush
This little flower is called Bottle Brush – wonder why? 🙂


Bottle Brush tree
Lots and lots of bottle brushes growing on a tree


Kangaroo Paw
This plant has been given the most Aussie name there is – Kangaroo Paw – due to its claw-like flowers. Cute!
Eucalyptus tree
There they are – Eucalyptus trees everywhere. Lots of them. Eucalyptus is also known as ‘gum tree’
Eucalyptus flower
Another beauty – Eucalyptus flower. I had no idea an Eucalyptus flower even existed!
Another very presentable plant called (Cream and Peaches) Grevillea 🙂
Blackboy plant
This crazy-haired tree is commonly known as Blackboy. However because the name is considered offensive by some, there are other names like Grasstree or Yakka used instead (though very rarely).

So you’ve seen a few of Australia native plants, but wait, it gets better. Even more beautiful are Australia’s birds which together with many shades of pink flower make the perfect match and create picturesque scenery. Here in the land Down Under you don’t see the ugly pigeons (sorry pigeons!) but instead you can admire pink and grey galah or green ringneck parrots (commonly known as twenty-eights); instead of boring sparrows (sorry sparrows) you can see black and white willie wagtails everywhere – the name is derived from their habit of wagging their tails – which is really cute; and also black and white Australian magpies (in early spring they get protective over their nests and swoop passers-by resulting in watch out might not be the right warning..but wear sun glasses and pray you don’t get picked)

Pink and grey galah
Pink and grey galah
Twenty-eight (Australian Ring-neck)
Twenty-eight (Australian Ring-neck)
The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – the largest white cockatoo in Australia – often kept as a pet

Western Australia flora and fauna

So I have been in Perth, Western Australia, for over two weeks now. Australia is the 28th country I’m visiting and I got here two weeks after my 28th birthday. Funny coincidence! I would have never thought I’d end up this far away from home, especially all I knew about Australia two years back was that they have some gigantic spiders here, so it wasn’t on my bucket list to visit Oz. Well, life’s full of surprises! And no, I haven’t seen any spiders or snakes yet – thanks God – and I hope I will never do. If I do, though, I’ll try to fight the paralysis and take some good shots of them ugly creatures.

Perth – the capital of Western Australia (the biggest state of Australia) is a big city which consist of many neighbourhoods and each of them seem massive. Walking down the street you’d be the only one walking, everyone drives, everything is far away. I walked once for 40 minutes just to see around and I haven’t walked since 😀 It’s very quiet and it feels like it’s always Sunday. The centre of Perth is obviously a bit more busy, quite pretty, too! Especially Perth’s biggest park/botanic garden – Kings Park (over 4 square km). Check out the views from Kings Park which is located on a hill so it overlooks the city centre.

My boyfriend also took me to a Wildlife Park – guess what animals I’ve seen and held in my arms!! but I’ll talk about it next time:-) Cuteness overload guaranteed!

View on Perth City from Kings Park
Kings Park
It was sunny!

Kings Park Perth Kings Park Perth View Kings Park Perth WA Kings Park View Kings Park Do you know her? Looks like she was having fun..


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