A beautiful spot for hiking in Perth Western Australia

I have been inactive for a while, Yes I know, but this time not due to being sick. I have been very well the past months:-) Just prioritised other things. I spent some time in the Philippines (country no. 29 on my travel list!) Poland and England, of which I will write soon (e.g. Morskie Oko lake in the Polish mountains, Manila in the Philippines and others).

I’m back in my beautiful Western Australia, which I am proud to call my home. A year ago I still had no idea where I would one day settle, if ever.. Perth in Western Australia won my heart. It’s super balanced so there’s a fun and busy side to it as well as the chilled and quiet, and I guess that’s what I had been looking for. Or I simply grew older and wiser at  last and appreciate the balance. One or another.

Having lived through quite a hard year and getting out of it stronger, I have set myself some goals, or simply plans, ideas. One of them is being more outdoor active. Not that I was ever a couch potato type..what a waste of life would that be?

Perth just like the rest of this awesomely gigantic country, has plenty of hiking spots. Anyone who likes walking cycling running and any kind of sport, will love Australia. The couch potatoes will also love Australia. There’s a suburb called Kalamunda some 20km east from Perth centre where you can basically spend your weekends for the next year or two and will still have not discovered all the trails. The one I did was the Palm Terrace walk (includes the Lesmurdie Falls – stunning) and was just breath-taking. It took some 3 hours including several stops for selfies. It’s an easy chilled walk with beautiful surroundings, lots of green everywhere, fresh air, waterfall, creek and stunning views of the city. Bumped into 3 kangaroos which was quite scary at first, as I’m not really familiar with them yet and it felt like they didn’t like our presence in their neighbourhood.. next time I might bring some food for them and pet them..only kidding 😉

I won’t be copying and pasting all the info about the trails, here is the website with all the hiking biking activities etc. for the Kalamunda trips for those interested! I will surely be exploring more of Kalamunda and the nearby hidden gems and sharing on here.

Some photos from the trek ❤



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