About me

About meI was born in Zory, Poland. I first left when I was 16 to work at a flower factory in the Netherlands. I knew back then that traveling would always be my passion. At the age of 19 I flew to New York to be a live-in nanny for two months.

The following six years I spent mostly in England working and in my free time traveling around Europe. In the meantime I also did my bachelors in English and Chinese. I graduated in 2012 and moved to China the following year to continue my adventure with Mandarin and teach English, then traveled around Southeast Asia where I met my boyfriend.

A year later we both set off for New York and cycled (yes, on bicycles) some 1500 miles to Guatemala. It took five months. Afterwards I explored more of Central America backpacking and hitchhiking solo for two months.

I am very spontaneous and there are new ideas always pop in my head. Travelling can be a lifestyle, can be affordable for anyone and that’s the message I want to put out there; all you need is a positive attitude, faith and some money for a one-way flight:) I want to show those with a dream to travel but a small budget that it is possible.

I’d love to hear from you! Why don’t you drop me an email and say what you think of the global warming? -not really:-) tell me what you think of my blog or ask me a question!





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